International Guide to the Circus

New! Revised International Guide to the Circus
An easy-to-read publication defining 100 key circus terms translated in nine languages.  The 2015 edition has been re-created in a smaller "pocket" version, 44 pages in length and weighing 63 grams per book.  Additional images have been added to illustrate terms and each book is sold complete with a beautiful circus envelope that can be used for gift-giving or mailing.
The  full color Guide is categorized by aerial acts, acrobatics, balancing, juggling, daredevil and specialty acts, clowning and performing animals.  Terms are illustrated by photographs supplied by circuses and participants in the Federation’s annual World Circus Photo Contest. Perfect for circuses and organisations to give to visiting media, special guests, school groups or politicians. Edited by R. Huey, Ph.D.

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